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We have a dedicated team of experts working tirelessly to ensure that we have all AC related services. From repairs, installations to maintenance and diagnosis, our clients can be assured that their AC systems are in good hands. The most important thing we keep in mind is to maintain quality in both products and services. We install all systems and equipment according to manufacturer’s manual, to ensure that accidents are avoided as well as the right services acquired. For the years we have been in business, we have established a large number of loyal clients who trust our services and products. Here are some of the services and products we offer:
Repair and installations :
Our team of experts can install any AC system from scratch or repair a malfunctioning one. We first of all assess the extent of damage and chose the most available and affordable option. We usually first communicate with our clients about our findings, and then the client can make their choice on the AC system that will suit their needs the most. The best thing with our experts is that they come up with a design, which the clients can easily study and determine whether the actual system will be convenient for them. From there, we then start on the installation process. If a client already has an existing AC system which is experiencing some problems, we first diagnose the cause of the problem. After that we provide the necessary repairs.

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Fan Motors :
We provide all types of motors for your fanning system. Some are automated while some are manually operated. All depends on your preferences. Also, if a previous fan motor has become faulty, or the manual handling knob is not working properly, we can have it replaced.
AC equipment Supply :
Often enough, we encounter clients who do not understand the details of their AC systems. Here, we take our time to look into the system and diagnose the problem. After that, we supply the related devices which will be necessary in rectifying the fault. For all malfunctioning cooling systems, broken fans and air ducts, we will supply you with the necessary equipment for repair. Our expert team first analyses the extent of the damage to your appliances. Then, we advise and supply the necessary equipment that will help in fixing the appliances.
If you are considering installing a new HVAC system from scratch or having an old one repaired, we are the company for you. We will provide the design; supply the necessary equipment and do the installation. Call us for all minor and major AC related services, installations, equipment and repairs.